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Friday, 21 January 2011

Oh Dear.

The Reality Of Superpols!

The slavish sycophancy lavished by our MSM and their "bigging" up of some very ordinary people, as super beings, knows no bounds. As this sleazy Johnston news does the rounds we can observe the nastiness and pettiness that dominates behind the scenes of our political Lilliputians. It seems little doubt that this marriage was a very poor fist indeed. Though Johnson's public face resonates  with many it seems his behaviour is less than ideal for one in a position of power and trust.
Even worse is the probability, highlighted by Guido,  what trust?,  that Blinky Bollocks engineered the whole exposure to gain the job he coveted. Mrs Blinky also gets promotion and two new experts are born! Let us not forget, of course, that Mr Blinky still boasts of his fantastic economic prowess. This from a man who trailed puppy like after that deranged bloke from Kircaldy whose name escapes me. This is a man who struggled to get elected and whose bullying and nasty time in Government has now been utilised in opposition to stab Postie in the gonads. Surely there are better, more competent and decent folk we could elect? Seems not, sadly. We are able to see, however, with Bliar back at Chilcot and this business, just why thirteen years of purgatory were so awful and destructive when the playground was expensively occupied by this unsavoury bunch. A back stabbing brother now surrounded by porky telling brownies! All wielding knives. This is going to be entertaining!
As an afterthought I wonder how the Blinkies are managing with the income drop from circa half a million to just around 200K. Peado Pete's doing OK, though! All at our expense!


  1. This is why I don't belong to a political party OR. Knives are at the ready all the time.

    I see Coulson's found the kitchen too hot.

  2. Thank you, Subrosa. I wonder if we could have a movement to change things without it being a "Party"?

  3. The so-called 'Blogosphere' is not a bad start?
    I find it remarkable that despite the speed and scope of the Internet, that most politicians and their ilk still consider themselves impervious and invincible despite the investigative and intellectual prowess of many bloggers and some of their loyal followers! I wonder with fewer places to hide the shysters have just become more brazen than ever. The sordid gravy train has only changed from long distance travel to smash and grab.

  4. Yes terrible isn't it. These are very perilous days indeed. The population of this island, stable in ethnic origin for thousands of years, is undergoing rapid change aided and abetted by all these morons taking their filthy lucre. It's all me, me, me, never for the benefit of Britain. I'm so sick of it, when will it change, and when will we get a great leader, one we desperately need.

  5. This do-little coalition and the previous shower of shite have made sure that I will never again vote for a mainstream party.

    All of them are Common Purpose trolls, as far as I can see, and the Tory party no longer exists. The sooner the blimps and the blue-rinse brigade realise that they have been sold down the river by the ineffective, EU-loving Cameron, the better.

    As for Bliar at the Chilcot 'enquiry' - how the bloody hell can it be properly called an enquiry when Blair - in cahoots with Chilcot - manages to squirrel away evidence of his talks with Bush.

    The blood is boiling today, OR.

  6. If Balls has shafted Johnstone (Mr), I can but hope that revenge is high on Johnstone's agenda.

  7. Thank you one and all. My comments have been a bit thin on the ground lately! Clarinda, despite the Internet the Bilderbergers do believe themselves untouchable. Hopefully the Wikileaked bank accounts will carry some decent and shocking material. MEKUSACUPPA, great handle and sentiment, when indeed? KILLEM, me too. Anon, I think there is little doubt the aptly named Testicles has indeed done for Postie. Possibly a guy too nice for politics, anyway.

  8. Concise as ever OR, takes some skill to write like that on a regular basis.

    Watched Blair. What an accomplished liar that man is, crap at hiding body language though, hang the bastard.

    Alan Johnson acted out of self-interest, he knows he's useless and he got out at the first opportunity.


  9. Steve, if a blush could write, here it is! Thank you.