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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Not Rocket Science.

Unemployment, The Way We Were.

Last weekend chatterati leftie and goofy, Street-Porter, bemoaned the flack she reckoned the baby boomer generation get for the state of our Nation. Today the legacy of yet another Labour Government incompetent tenure is highlighted by the 1980s nightmare of inflation, unemployment and debt being repeated. As it is ad  infinitum. Now every post war Government has made the mistake of wanting to be a mighty player on the world's stage. Thus the god of "growth" and the required expansion of economic activity has been fuelled by a passion for a huge increase in population. Shock horror when it transpires that the infra-structure necessary to support this demand is not available from the production capabilities of these small islands.
Add to this mess the abject failure of education, mix of cultural animosity and racial tension across a gamut of immigrant origins and then season with a massive dose of Islamic dictatorial empirical ambition and the army to enforce it and hey presto, a failing society. That the mess we are in is the fault of a given generation is false. Albeit I would argue that we meekly allowed our ruling elite to browbeat us and fool us as to their model of the multi-cultural future as an EU minor state. Now here we are guilty of being dumb and stupid. Though not as much as the spoilt and feckless spawn of socialist social engineering who still, just like our politicians, "don't get it".