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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

No Apology

For returning To AGW/Climate Change.

It will not be war as we have known it in the past that will devastate our Planet but the incompetence of the Bilderbergers' obsession with wringing blood from the poorest and the masses to ostensibly furnish their luxurious life styles and power. The sheer lunacy of the coalition of greenies and Bildies to scare us into submission with the pseudo science of climate change is amazing. Whilst this alliance of nannying and woeful arses rape the world and the poor of any hope for a better future under the guise of "saving the planet" nothing is done about corporate and political pollution. The nuclear wrecks of the Russian navy still fester their ticking time bombs as promises remain hot air. Poverty is worse today than in my childhood when Africa was still the breadbasket of charity it is now. Whilst we faff around letting the Huhnes lecture us on alternative energy and  ruin our future capability to fund water and energy, those nations less stupid suck in coal, oil and raw materials and laugh at our blind selfishness in wishing to deny them the history of comfort we have achieved until now. Well, I won't be around to see the wastelands these idiots are developing but I still care about the awful blind stupidity the average Western Eloy of Capitalist soulless "growth" has become. Good luck to the Chinese and Asian peoples. They'll need it more than we will ever know. I am not alone. A rebel Bilderberger, refreshing.


  1. Off topic, apologies. I think I've a fair general idea where your lovely and enviable property is in Shropshire OR - and all joy to you for being so fortunate. One big drawback is emerging however; it would be a bit too close for my peace of mind to Machynlleth home of that well known disseminator of truth and light, G Monbiot.

    In view of his latest pronouncements aren't you feeling just a little bit uneasy that the Climate Change Commissar is already picking out the unfortunates with whom you will soon be sharing your home?