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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Never What It Seems.

Egypt And Chaos.

The picture above is from Millbank earlier this year. It could be anywhere in the world. The fact that all this unrest is linked by one common thread, is quite amazing. The connection, in my mind, is born of frustration and anger, regardless of any badges declaring specific grievances. Furthermore these outcries rarely achieve their desired outcome. I offer Iraq as an example. As there so in Egypt. A handful of nepotists and downright selfish, greedy pillocks think they have the right to rule for ever. A delusion that pervades Western ruling elites, regardless of political philosophy. Sadly when the resentment boils over, the shadowy imitators wait in the wings to step into the gaps left by the justifiably deposed. In The Middle East the shadow is a long, dark and barbaric entity. One terribly exposed in the video shown on Cato's blog yesterday.
It is such a great shame that the benefits historically provided through a trading world dominated by Western Democratic Capitalism went down the path of elitist dominance and the advantages for the freedom of peoples and hope for a decent world, were squandered so badly. 
The despots ruling China with a rod of iron and courted, as well as fawned over, by our Western bankrupts are no better than the Middle Eastern mega wealthy clans now threatened. Quite a mess and one so easily avoided in concept but subsumed by the paucity of decency in all who seek power for themselves. Philanthropy, it would seem, is only for us "little people".


  1. 'Philanthropy, it would seem, is only for us "little people"'.

    In my book that makes you "little people" the true giants among men and therefore better people, and people I would far rather spend my valuable time and life with. The rest of the so-called elite can go hang. No - I would go further: they can sod themselves (and each other, given their proclivities..).

  2. I'm with you totally, Caratacus.