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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Modern Day Protesting.

Note What's Different.

Many bloggers have quit this past few months and many of us have expressed our doubts as to the value of the genre. Yet unlike the MSM and in particular, TV and the UK's Pravda machine, the BBC, the Internet has opened up a more honest and natural medium for genuine freedom of expression. A freedom that has done more to show the World and its "ordinary" people the ghastly power wielded by the Despots and the all powerful rich minorities. As powerful opposition grows to the Bilderbergers' and their political henchmen's grip on us all, via the understanding now freely available as to their "common purpose", it is of little surprise that voices are being raised so loudly. The authorities reaction of violent suppression is immediately transmitted around the World. The ability of the MSM to hide the extent of it all continues to wane in the face of instant transmission and communication. It is very sad to witness the waste of this new freedom in The UK, however. Students allying themselves to the underbelly of the Bilderberger greed that are the Trade Unions of today is frankly very disappointing. As strikes and political left wing action increases, the rich Union bosses and Labour troughers, the job for life MPs and their nasty front men such as Balls, all smile quietly at their own security from the further damage being heaped on an already wrecked nation. The Internet and bloggers may not have much longer to alter this daft scenario before the secret services are told to shut it all down. That makes the stupidity and selfishness of the UK protests even more dreadful and wasteful. I hope the genuine protests throughout the World succeed in gaining real democracy and not yet more wannabe Kings of all they survey. A tricky call, that. How much better it would be to see protests against the EU and the wasteful, undemocratic bunch that runs this terrible Oligarchy! Now that would be fascinating!


  1. Well I, for one OR, am very grateful for your efforts and those of other acerbic commentators on the ever-present idiocy - and treasonous activities - of the political elite.

    My only concern is that the buggers will find a way to try and control the method by which the www works. Never mind, we - the Great Unwashed - are skilled in reacting inventively to attempts to control us!

  2. Further to my comment above, just been over to ASE's site and see that Egypt has already closed down the interwebby thing....

    I usually am miles behind events.

  3. The Egyptian closure just made the protesters more angry!!

  4. I know Bro. the West has no use popularly for weblogging civics; as well as the arts. Yet - in the mid-east it's the internet that is the place for such.

  5. WL, times really are a'changing.