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Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm Pissed Off.

With The Left's Joy.

One of their hyenas shown here. Not content with stabbing his mate in the back, he now joins the whole massed ranks of the left in revelling in the struggle by the Cobbleition to attempt a possibly impossible task of rebuilding the UK economy. The attention span of their client state, badly educated and thicko sheeples appears to be embracing the lie that cuts yet to happen are to blame for the money printing, "no more boom and bust" sheer incompetence of Labour in Office. Of course the blatant brain washing machine of the BBC,  placement journos and luvvies helps subdue the single brain cell progeny of Labours' social engineering and failed education experiments, accepted by Bliar, of all people as a disaster.
Now a justifiably vitriolic rant here,  one of the reasons  for the ess aitch one tee we are wallowing in, also points out Pseudo Dave's understanding but inability or unwillingness to tackle the EU yoke that is so often at the heart of our debilitating weaknesses.
However, let us not allow the staunch architects of this dreadful cess pit of gloom and austerity get away with their unbridled joy at our situation. The most dreadful snobs, Public School cretins and pathetic Rees-Mogg idiots and spoilt, privileged goofs are still better than the Neanderthal, leftie controlled, wealthy Trade Union Barons and smarmy Toffs of Labours' privileged nepotists. Don't lose sight of the hypocrisy of the Kinnocks, Bliars, Snotty "bigot"  and that banner of the left wing's most despicable face, Peter Pederast, Lord Fondlebum of Brazilian Kiddy fiddlers.
That motley crew of inadequates and degenerates selfishness just cannot be beaten. Their Damascan conversion to the Federal EU cause and the largess heaped on their undeserving families is little more than the most shameful capitulation in the face of logic our Country has ever known. I, like so many, are devastated by Pseudo's love of all things Europe, now exposed since he achieved his personal ambition to climb the greasy and smelly pole of power. I despise that other closet Toff, Huhne. As for that weasley turncoat Hague, I just cannot begin to address my ire. Liam Fox's surrender to the glitter and rewards of Office are little more than wistfully sad. Yet all of this still leaves us a universe better off than the nightmare on Elm Street Labour converted Downing Street into. Lets give this lot at least a couple of years or so. We gave Labour 13 years and now look where we are. Do we really want these grinning, joyous in Opposition, crazies of the left and  Orwellian worshippers credit for their present behaviour? I don't think so! As is said,  "They who laugh last......"


  1. I'm glad I am not alone in being pissed off Rightie.

    I just don't think the thicko cunt Labour voting Sheeple of the UK have the guts for cuts.

  2. I think you're correct but they aren't the only people in the Land!