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Monday, 24 January 2011

How They Go About It.

The Politics Of Fear!

How to start a meme! This disgusting piece of BBC crap kicks off a new "bend them and break them" topic. Since the mileage, not acknowledged here, in global warming is weakening badly we need to throw up a new scare. Furthermore we can quietly tack it onto the AGW industry and utilise the logistical support, already in place, to up the ante and create another branch of the fear factory. It gets even smarter than that. We can plant the subtle seed of doubt in the resistance to GM foods. Here "might" be a magic bullet to slay starvation in Africa and the world. Genetically modified "Creutz Jakob" material to add to the obesity already prevalent in the Western Clown fed, globally processed muck shovelled down the throats of the enslaved trailer trash of Western sheep pens. That's never reached the dispossessed, ever. 
Of course the profiteering and further dominant control of sustenance has never yet reached the starving  billions we are wringing our corporate and greedy hands over. This bollocks is nothing to do with a future world without enough food. It's about scaring us into acceptance of the next control mechanism necessary to swell the coffers of the powerful and pat the heads of the subjugated. 
It's an interesting exercise to compare energy and food. The richest oil fields and most productive prairies have never yet made the World's starving better off, have they? Not even when on their very doorstep. This film seems innocuous and rather philanthropic. It isn't and the chatterati twit fronting it, giggling like a big girl, hasn't a clue. He just toes the leftie line and pockets the blood money we have to pay.


  1. Sky News are the same.
    I watched a programme today about how the West was failing India where starvation and poverty are now rife. Nothing about how our £800m in Aid ( and similar from other agencies including the EU Aid programme) was being used to buy UK companies, build nukes, build a space programme and anything left trousered by corrupt politicians.

  2. Oh and of course it suits the West that most of their Aid is frittered away. Heaven forbid that we actually help the 3rd World. Heck they might end up like China and become competitors. The trousering by 3rd world leaders is quietly condoned as it suits everyone involved.

  3. Can't counter that, Don. Thank you.

  4. New words to learn, children.

    Fragility and volatility. He got climate change in there a couple of times, as well.

    Don says it all; millions of our money is given to aid the space race etc, but no mention of it.

    I just wonder of Pakistan will be donating to us, now that petrol prices are set to rocket over here.

    I also wonder if there may be some merit in sponsoring all the 'do-gooders' to fuck the fuck off to India, or any of the other cess pits of the world whose causes they are so keen to champion, so that they can live there, help the cheeeeeeldren and invest all their hard-earnt in the poor people.

    A one-way ticket, naturally.

  5. KILLEM, the sheeples can't be scared if they don't even bother. Deserve all that's coming!