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Monday, 10 January 2011

The Hidden Agenda?

The way They Go About Things.

Take overs are engineered via apparent catastrophe. No expense or German hard won unification wealth spared as The EU unelected tyrants, fronted by the incompetent uglies pictured, march on. That the people do not want this federal and doomed to fail project, is irrelevant. The Inner Party will do as they please. Only time will tell and history repeating itself ruin this hubristic ambition. Germany will suffer as they bail out the poorer states. had Snotty's lot held onto power we would be a similar target. The tactics for absorbing the UK will change but the desire will remain and Pseudo Dave will be very much in the know.
Still, The Portuguese people can get very boisterous when pushed and the Greeks are done protesting yet. These cretins may yet be the residents of a siege of Brussels, we can but hope!


  1. Had an interesting conversation with No.1 Son last night. I remarked that politicians (partic. this treasonous bunch in situ) could only be reasoned with by the diligent application of a baseball bat. He murmured gently, "... cricket bat, Father". I, of course, responded that I would not sully a fine instrument with the dodgy DNA of these oleagenous bastards, and - anyway - what else is a baseball bat for? Plainly it has nothing to do with Sport.

    Now, you may be wondering why I am wittering on about the relative properties of willow and hickory...

    Well just have another look at that photograph. There! You see?

  2. The American bat is more suited to the targets presented, Caratacus. Leave the elegant willow for humbling the Aussie bravado!