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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Groundhog day.

It Surely Is.

It could be the early eighties  "Thatcher’s Britain was a country engaged in a class war, as industry took an about turn. The decade would forever be scarred by the bitter miners’ strikes , pitting industrial leaders and trade unionists against the most redoubtable of leaders. Britain’s languishing economy, its flabby public sector debt, was all but renovated and drained during the Conservative Party’s policy of aggressive privatisation of public sector companies. Selling off the family silver was government policy. British Rail, British Telecom, British Steel… the sale of such publicly owned behemoths radically changed the direction of the economy, creating that combustible debate that festers in the fissures between public sector responsibilities and private sector interests." 

Just substitute Public Sector for "miners'" and it is exactly a repeat performance. A further dramatic similarity is the preceding wrecking of the economy by Labour. As for flogging off state controlled industries, preferable to giving our gold reserves away, Snotty, don't you think? 
The sad underlying truth of this repetition of the past is that fewer and fewer people come out the other side better placed than before. The underlying and systemic issue is the decline and fall of "Western" Empire. The EU is a last throw of a very expensive crap dice, (pun there is deliberate!)
The deluded belief by the EU Bilderbergers, is that this steady and terrible fall into a third world condition is preventable. it's not and the mass movement and economically enforced migrations will be the paramount signage of their failure. Bear in mind this new world might eventually come out the other side a better place. The getting there will be very painful for our children and grand children but if it pulls Bilderbergers into reality then another silver lining!


  1. Third world right enough OR. In a decade or so people will be working to stand still, house ownership will fall drastically and more and more will be seeking the support of the state even though they're working their socks off.

    But of course, that's the plan.

  2. We will be required to home the homeless, Subrosa, according to Moonbat Monbiot.