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Friday, 7 January 2011

Globalisation drawbacks.

Madness Is Not Confined To BSE.

My hatred of the Bilderberger, political class, governance of the planet has significant practical examples for my feelings. When the cruelty gives rise to very dangerous side effects, I despair of the cover ups and two faced, public bleeding hearts which are trotted out. "So sorry we have no energy, (AGW needs great expenditure, you know). What flu vaccine? Cold weather you think? Nah, been abolished. Expenses, corruption, greedy snouts, none of your little peoples business." You get the picture. I cannot accept any other future than that one day these cretins will be called to account. The few decent ones will also end up dangling from a lamp post. Why? Only because they were too quiet and acquiescent in the globalised economy's passionate dependence on cruelty and the raping of the World's finite resources. It's not the climate change con that is the problem, it is the savage, mindless greed and lust for power that ruins our lives and is destroying the one creature with the supposed intelligence to know better. Look at the millions of suffering, factory farmed animals, whose lives would be better without this "processing". Who on God's earth thought that cloning, torturing and sheer nastiness to our fellow creatures, was a good idea? My loathing is only second to my sense of powerlessness. There are still small, isolated communities where animals are revered for their provision, farmed after the creatures have had a caring and nurturing life. There existence correctly revered for their provision and life giving assistance. Very different from the corporate stupidity that revels in the filth and squalor to which they condemn not only God's creatures apart but the lowly and downtrodden humanity they force into slavery through fear.



  1. I can't believe their world will last forever. It will crumble eventually. Though we may have to go back to living in caves.

  2. Caves might be preferable to being lorded over by Bilderbergers, Michael.