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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Funny This.

One rule For One, Different For Another.

Which one's mummy?

The morning doses of chatterati are getting ever more sickening. "A Christian loon" is one phrase used today to describe an individual's stance on sodomite adoption. Note these rich gays don't seem to adopt little girls or sow female embryo's. This whole trade in children and life is just horrendous. Trips to poverty and disease ridden corners of the planet and self promoting hand wringing is just despicable and nasty.  The hypocrisy is breathtaking as these bored, thick but very lucky morons seek to ape others in a quest for normality. They take on these responsibilities in the certain knowledge that these "video game" children can be picked up and put down at will. Farmed out to Gary Glitter wannabees when they get tiresome, fractious or reach their troubled teens.
Now in this unwholesome mix of creation and pastry child making and baking is the attitude towards those like me, repulsed by this rich and spoilt playground. We are attacked for homophobic attitudes and dismissed for Christian efforts at a good and considerate way of living. Any failure in the most normal and God given lifestyle is rampant but we try. Now in the sad and strange twist of nature that produces homosexuality we are pressured to shrug and accept it all as "normal". Meanwhile laws are passed to condemn natural majorities in favour of minorities, both sexually and ethnically. However we have a problem here that the chatterati and their political henchmen and vote chasers never mention. The stance of Islam and the Muslim societies towards gay people. Now, although not condoning it, I demand of the smug bastards I get bombarded by, a discussion on this inconvenient truth. One somewhat more efficacious than Gore's scam ponzi AGW rubbish. Like the severity of our winter has been to the warmest warriors of subterfuge and manipulation of reality, so the lack of debate regarding the Muslim creed on gay behaviour remains my old pal, the pachyderm in the room.


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  1. "Which one's mummy?" Gomorrah, maybe? Or is it Sodom?