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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Did I Make A Mistake?

Or Not?

I thought perhaps this Cobbleition might be a good thing with a sharing of ideas and a watering down of ideology and a Government that would govern first and ponce around stupid and unrealistic philosophy second. Well, Cameron has no ideology other than to be in power and enjoy a 24/7 ego massage.  Cleggy has both those in spades but also the Socialist passion for telling everybody else how to live and wishing to mould, coerce, brow beat or punish any gainsaying.
This morning's stupid softly softly approach of Clegg's "victory" over Pseudo Dave, towards those who would and are doing a very good job of, wrecking this little Country ,is a dreadful indication of Cameron's fear of Clegg.
If I'm right on this Pseudo will do anything for Cleggy to keep this circle of Bilderbergers' reps intact. It is a very unpleasant smell. A stench that so personified the last Government of anything but the "people" approach. Appeasement of anyone or anything other than those represented. That revolution gets ever closer. Our plebs diet of abject poverty with it.


  1. There is something 'Damien-like' about Clegg, OR.

    I didn't much like the way that a conservative OAP heckler was bundled away by a scary-eyed security guard.

    This favoured son-of-the-EU is only intent on doing Britain harm.

    Definitely one of 'THEM'.

  2. Clegg is given an annual remittance from the EU by virtue of the fact that he was once an underling in Brussels. Many of our politicians have this 'remittance' (I'd call it blood money) so long as they never speak against EU policies. Talk about a nest of vipers.

    I think the answer is 'yes' - any coalition in this country was bound to be a disaster. Roll on May when we can all vote against the preferred European method of voting - AV.

  3. BJ, "Them" are the Orwellian inner party. GV, I wish. We need a system where their fear is is in our grasp.

  4. I arrived at this point some time ago, OR, we're no better off than we were before the election apart from the fact we no longer have to suffer Snotty's daily television appearances.

  5. Better late than never, Spidey!