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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Could This be A Super Start?

The euro currency area has only a one-in-five chance of surviving in its current form over the next 10 years.

Oh let it be true! that this comes to fruition despite the Merkel dream of a German ruled economic Europe, the mad bat. She'll have difficulty calming the strapped population when she doles out billions more of their cash to Turkey! I pray this year is as great for the pound as it is bad for the euro. 
Whatever happened to 2010?!


  1. We can't wait 10 years - it needs to fail NOW!!!!

  2. It's 50:50 if the euro as we know it lasts until June let alone the end of the year.
    Once Spain goes into default (and it will) in the next few months, the euro is fucked.
    They either kick out the club Med states or the euro becomes the Greater Deutchmark which is pretty much the same thing but with differing slants on the spin.

  3. Global currency is oil.
    Global power is oil.

    'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man'
    'Syndrome of Control'

    Confessions of a hit man is an interview with John Perkins, the 'Hit Man', and also the title of one of his books. A must watch for understanding global financial manoeuvres to gain resources, and what gets done if the leaders won't play ball.

    'Syndrome of Control' is a seven part talk by Lindsey Williams that dovetails perfectly with the former, adding an explanation of fractional reserve banking. Jonathan May's recording from a Federal prison intersperses the talk, with Williams explaining the various factions undertaken to the audience.

    Well worth taking time to listen in full.

  4. It'll be alright now - Estonia's joined.

    (Holds head in hands)

  5. Perhaps Estonia needs a bailout!

  6. The Commission is a protection racket. It's a web in which no-one sees the spider until too late.