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Saturday, 15 January 2011

As Wallace Gets A Shove

Let Us Not Forget.....

Who his political mentor and dear pal used to be. Nor forget how Wallace will have plotted with Snotty to do down Banana Brains. As much as I detest Pseudo's broken promises he still towers above these bits of comic book fun but dangerous lefties. The rhetoric spewing forth from Labour reminds me how very much they are the natural party of opposition. There they can blow in the wind without collapsing my pension funds, taxing my garden views or selling us out to Europe quicker than the present crowd, whilst bankrupting the Country at cocktail parties for Snotty's banking mates.
Red Wallace is still hell bent on allowing his Union minders to extort what little is left from us all and loving it. If the sheeples still believe this lot of ghastly and stupid ideologues, they deserve all the remaining excrement being stored for the future they crave for all but themselves. Power and nastiness.

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  1. The moronic British idiots forgot in Oldham.