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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Are You Worried?

You Needn't Be!

"The findings focus on the coldest objects in the Universe, from within our Galaxy to the distant reaches of space." Our generation were sucked into fear for a nuclear holocaust which worked very nicely for the politicians and nuclear arms industry. That has been replaced by the fear of climate change and global warming. Surely, however, if space is so bloody cold we can all sod off into space to cool down? The stupidity of it all just gets more and more obvious. Severe winter cold, Aussie floods, just any natural disaster happens to be our fault. Well the numbers here  show how inconsequential we are so why can't we just do as we always have? Evolve, adapt, cope, get on with just being alive? Why are political agenda always so depressing?


  1. Many philosohers have attempted to envisage a 'perfect world' where we all trip along nicely without harm or hassle. They come to the conclusion, however, that we'd all die prematurely from lack of stress and boredom! Perhaps knocking seven bells out of eachother from time to time and getting the hump over mankinds penchant for mischief and misdeed keeps us speck of cells going in this unimaginably grand scheme of things.

  2. I just wish I could disappear into outer space.