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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another Token Totem.

What A Shame!

Until she quickly  went the way of all politicians she might have had a modicum of decency which rapidly disappears when put through the Westminster village school of superior arrogance they are all required to attend, yes, even Skinner, . This morning she pronounces yet another desirable meme, that 
"Prejudice against Muslims has "passed the dinner-table test" and become socially acceptable in the UK" . Ergo the British middle classes are to be told and educated how to think, feel and behave or else. This "racist" behaviour has to be stopped. Presently the approbation of the left and now The United front of Westminster and Europe are all that should reign paramount. 
Now correct me if I'm wrong, it's not about race but resentment. We resent the industries of race, equality and the myriad of edicts demanding we think, behave and most importantly toe the bloody line. We resent the arrogance of "we're all in this together" when we know the politicians will give little if anything up. This despite, since Maggie's downfall, our lives and society having become little more than some ghastly toy and chemistry set for the empty and bored world of politicians and the mega wealthy. If only things were allowed to develop and evolve naturally we just might have done OK. That, of course, does not produce elitist and lucrative positions for those anointed into the inner circles. We so need a new system. "Christian Voice", maybe!! They, by the way, are the new hate figures of the Establishment. A juicy target to ally the forces of Islam to the Bilderberger hate list which brooks even less natural truth than the Climate Change, AGW crap. Anything that speaks of an alternative way is trodden rapidly into the dirt by the new Nazis of the present day.
 There was I intending to do a light hearted piece!

We did not know the mess. Oh yes you did!


  1. This woman really annoys me now, OR - she should STFU and keep her head down for a while!

  2. A bur-qua might be useful, Spidey!

  3. Back stairs rumour is that she was just not up to her job, having been appointed largely on the basis of her colour and religion.

    Knowing that she might be due for the chop, she has made herself fireproof for the time being by invoking the mantra of "Islamophobia/Racism". She cannot now be sacked any time soon, as she and the Guardianistas would raise the same cry which would be faithfully repeated by the Beeb, Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All. Still, I bet she has done wonders for Conservative defections to UKIP .

  4. Remind me again.

    How many real people voted to elect this token waste of space to the Lords?

    Ah, that's right. None of us.

    She is a Tory token, muslim mouthpiece and Cameron and the other wasters in the coalition need to wake up to this - fast.