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Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Wish List Unlikely To Happen.

 Sometimes Dreams Are All We Have Not Taxed (yet)!

I offer this presentation with a somewhat heavy heart.

 1. The coalition cut drastically MPs incomes and perks and Westminster costs.
 2. An EU "in or out" referendum is a huge majority for out and our deficit melts away overnight.
 3. Human Rights legislation introduced with a forfeit penalty for criminal actions.
 4. UK troops are withdrawn from any future American led invasions.
 5. Paedophiles in power are hunted down and punished severely along with the euphemism for slave trading,
    people traffickers.
 6. Mass immigration is reversed, UK population falls to a manageable 40 million.
 7. Asylum seekers found guilty of offences immediately deported.
 8. Capital punishment introduced for murder.
 9. A new political party to challenge the old seriously. UKIP would be good.
10. The right to vote be 21years of age and subject to an examination. Failure to vote in more than three
       elections revokes, for ever, the privilege.

Last, not least, the global warming scams are realised and the likes of Huhne jailed for mass fraud and profiting at the expense of the  poor. 


  1. May I humbly add:

    - G.Brown Esq. charged with financial ineptitude on a monumental scale. And for being an all round rotter.

    - Proper measurements (lbs, ozs, cwts, tons, feet, inches, pints, gallons etc) reintroduced. Metric measurements tolerated of course, but not encouraged. Also £.s.d instead of this toytown bollocks we've had to suffer these last 40 years. These simple measures alone would quickly ensure that children became numerate once more, and able to perform simple mental arithmetic.

    - Policemen would revert to a proper uniform with polished boots. They would re-learn the virtues of respectful attitudes towards law abiding members of the public.

    - Criminals would automatically forfeit any rights whilst engaged in their activities. If they are found in my back garden with a broken and bloodied cricket bat stuffed up their arse, the police will drag them off to chokey and - after a cup of tea and a biscuit - will give me a brisk handshake and be on their way.

    - St. Enoch finally beatified.

    - my grandchildren will have a world full of wonder to explore and enjoy.

  2. I concur with your list. However, I would be stronger in the likes of Huhne.

    Have all their assets seized as criminals do and redistributed to pay for the heating for pensioners. Isn't that is what socialism is all about and Huhne/Cameron et al are nothing but closet socialists. But then, socialists only like to spend other peoples' money.

  3. Bloody hell OR - I've just seen a bunch of Fly By Wire Pigs go past my window in formation....

  4. A few thoughts:

    3 - The trouble with legislated rights is that they are framed as positive rights, little better than permission slips from the government. Perhaps a 'Bill of Liberties' listing natural negative liberties. The criminal code could still deal with people who infringe those.
    4 - Needs to be worded in such a way as not to exclude the need to go to war with the Yanks for a legitimate reason. Unlikely, since a legitimate reason would be something like an invasion in response to an actual military attack (not some idiots with Stanley knives hijacking planes) on the US, UK or friendly nations.
    6 - Not sure that the UK couldn't manage an even larger population than the one it has now provided - and this is essential - that half of it isn't being systematically and legally robbed to fund the indulgent lifestyles of the other half. Fix that and immigration would probably stop anyway.
    8 - We think the state is corrupt, too easily influenced by the wealthy and powerful, incompetently run, and generally untrustworthy. Is returning to it the power of life and death over it's subjects (Britons not being citizens) really a good idea when it inevitably abuses almost every other power (tax raising, arrest, monitoring of subjects, etc - all abused and extended)? Even if you were certain they would not extend the death penalty to people who disapproved of the government - my main worry - how sure can you be that a future government wouldn't ten or twenty years down the line? The Weimar Republic kept the death penalty and did not foresee the Nazis taking over and extending it almost to anyone who thought Adolf's moustache looked a bit silly.
    Never give a government any power that you would not also entrust to a genocidal dictator.
    10 -I'd rather have sensible 15 year olds voting, even voting Labour if they've made a carefully considered decision to do so, than idiot 50 year olds voting Labour because "me da ' were a miner and 'e always voted Labour." Not sure about the failure to vote punishment either. What if all candidates are equally reprehensible three elections on the trot and the bastards still haven't added a "none of the above" box on the ballot slips? The right to vote must include the right to withhold your vote.

    Just my 2¢.

  5. You can stuff your two cents, Tuppence I will accept.

    OR & Caractacus - spot on.

    Pigs are in space, as are lumps of metal attached to engines carrying pigs to and from Cancun. Flights are many and frequent ('global warming' permitting).

  6. 5¢ then? I should get a ha'porth or so change out of that ;-)

  7. 5 what? How'dya get that cent thing! Only from a bottle. (Where's character map when you want him . .)

  8. Hi, guys. I've been wrestling with frozen then air locked pipes so blogging a bit sparse. Thanks for excellent comments, all.

  9. My Dear OR, so troubled to hear of your digestive travails - I trust that you are now fully recovered ...?

    So close to Christmas too.

  10. Derek, it's an Aussie keyboard and on a Mac and I don't know if it'll work somewhere that doesn't use dollars and cents but it's Option and the 4 key pressed together. For a British Windows machine I'd try Alt+ whatever number the dollar sign is on (to my embarrassment I can't remember where it is on a British keyboard).

    OldRightie, what Caratacus said. That should be after Christmas from too much turkey, though it's the sprouts that affect me. Take some Windeeze and don't be afraid to sound off, is my opinion. Better out than in.

  11. Many thanks for your solicitous comments. I have unfrozen an exterior tap with a hair dryer, shoved yards of piping up the loft orifice and filled the tank to capacity. Still no wind though. Awaiting expert, rubber gloves to hand!