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Saturday, 4 December 2010


Is It  A Thorn In The New World Orders Side?

I have mused endlessly on the matter of The Wikileaks saga and their place in the modern world. As an arch despiser of the political and greedy establishments that govern our existence, I have to applaud the manner in which Assange and his team have used the Internet and I really don't care for the nastiness being peddled by our masters to endeavour to close them down, lock up Mr Assange or worse, murder him. Do you know there is a book on whether he will survive until Christmas?
So far these leaks just point out the very thing we humble Bloggers rail against. The ease with which war is pursued, the continuation of slavery and sex trafficking. Drug barons now supping at the top table to bail out the losses our Bilderbergers and their Rothschild underwriters have so stupidly created.
These leaks shine a light on the naked spirits and empty souls who pervade and pollute us all. Climate change was global warming until it got colder than living memory recalls. Climate changes all the time so now we are to pay for rubbish solutions whilst failing our elderly and vulnerable. A corrupt FIFA decision garners the headlines when all it is is a "sporting" body as corrupted as F1 and anything else our masters of the Universe decree worthy of greed. The Internet, blogging and the Wikileaks exposures do not put US at risk, it's the petty, puerile, self-interest of  The Corporate and Political alliances against decency, poverty and power that feel threatened. The bullies are out in force and we must all be ready to rail big time against their brutal vanity. Particularly if Mr Assange ends up hung from a bridge somewhere. You want a weapon against THEM, then donate to make Mr Assange too rich for them to destroy. Note how hard it is to find Wikileaks now? Google are now becoming part of the problem the corruption of power and money always brings. Whatever the rights and wrongs of "leaks", we are better for knowing the weaknesses exposed of those who claim superiority over us. 


  1. The Wikileaks case is totally overblown, none of the leaks so far have revealed anything we did not know. The Amereican government thinks our politicians are a joke, middle eastern government are often corrupt, Soldiers sometimes have to do nasty things to people who are tryng to kill them, the Russians are bastards and so are the Chinsese but in a different way etc.

    Now if we could see something that identified who was paid off to turn a blind eye while the bankers with their debt derivatives plundered our investments pension funds I'd be able to work up some interest.

  2. Ian - the word is that Wikileaks IS about to release some information (7th Dec is rumoured) that will be deleterious for one major bank. To the extent that it may fail.

    Otherwise, agree with you totally. I read that the Americans are an absolute shower and think, 'Does the pope shit in the woods?' ... or something!

  3. You can now find WikiLeaks HERE, OR, and I don't think this site will be disappearing any time soon. ;-)

  4. Thanks guys. Ian, my interest is not the content but the fact that this stuff is available to prove that our/my take on the shite that rises to the surface is just that. As for banks and pensions, I suffer qualms every day that my life's savings are rapidly disappearing through no fault of my own.