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Monday, 20 December 2010

Where Are They?

Those Warmists When You Need Them?

Is this cute puppy rushing to greet the anthropogenic warmists arriving to save us from the ice age? As the third severe chill grips the UK and Northern hemisphere, the transport Secretary, ham fisted Hammond, wrings his hands, whilst seizing the opportunity to give some serious cash to a bunch of his pals. How? By setting up an enquiry into the failure of our masters to cope with the weather. Not climate, note. Bloody weather. I have observed the climactic dominance of polar continental air over North-east  Europe for over three years. It has given cold winter conditions, particularly in the East and hot dry summer weather mainly to the East. Moist, warm tropical maritime air has been blocked to the West of The UK, creeping over westerly areas at times, with rain then being dominant.
Now this is a climactic shift of weather patterns not unusual anywhere in the world. To suggest it is man made is ridiculous. It's climate and nature. Of course we lot are brilliant at creating pollution and fouling our own nest. That is not, in climate terms, any big thing and we, not nature, are the losers.
So, my pompous Met Office so called forecasters. You are little more than computer operators and together with the might of power and money egging you and other pseudo scientists to surrender your pride, we have this terribly inconvenient big freeze gainsaying your sycophancy and blind obedience to corporate and political manipulators. I hope you and the Hammonds, Prescotts, Camerons, Paul-Huhnes, Gores et al are ashamed of the thousands of deaths and freezing misery they and your flawed science have caused. Embracing the stupidity of a notion such conditions would never happen again. Like the poor, cold, drought and famine seem to always be with us. As Richard North, wisely, says, if a fraction of the billions blown on climate change windmills had been and were to be spent on adapting to variable climate and the weather produced there from, we might all rest easier. Fat chance. I doubt these morons ever visit here. To uncomfortable.


  1. Yeah the weasels from the Met were explaining it all this morning on Pravda 24. The 'extreme weather' will be the norm due to global climate disruption. Only a couple of years ago we were told that children would never enjoy snow and would have to look at old films to see what snow was due to climate change. They're going to have to get their story straight or the sheeple might actually realise they're being lied to in order to tax them even more for their electricity through 'green' subsidies.
    Moonbat wrote this in 2005...

  2. If only sheeples would wake up to a better world than X-factor and soap opera, Minus 8! Mind you another two months of this they just might.

  3. Perhaps they read this.......

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  4. You can bet your mortgage that the warmists including the Met Office will bang on and on now that the cold spell is due to 'climate disruption' and we need to do something about it (ie we need more money to sort it out). If anybody not involved in the scam directly still believes the nonsense then they deserve to have their land taken off them and forced to have loads of windmills built on it with no subsidies.

  5. I wonder if the sheeples suffering massive disruption will equate much of the lack of preparation with the AGW bunch. Lead from the front by the discredited Met Office idiots.