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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

We Seem To Be Getting at Them!

Still Much To Do, Though!

Water cannon suggestion played down by No. 10, Wikileaks has them worried about the security of their grubby little secrets and the rioting set to escalate as cuts bite. The Cobbleition had a good start but quickly became smug as it appeared that the truism that  "it was Labours' no money left legacy" was fully understood. However the lack of any real clout and the slavish obedience to Europe and their American puppeteers was embraced, their credibility followed Bliar and Snotty's down the sewer.
As much a waste of an inherited moral legacy as the terrible twins squandering of our cash, don't you think. That tar brush of political stupidity is a very large tin!


  1. The contrived coalition has let us down badly, no doubt about it, OR. Many people won't forgive Cameron for his integrationist EU policies. I still maintain it was set up pre-GE. (Cobbleition - lovely word).

  2. Thank you GV for your comments.