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Sunday, 5 December 2010

University and Privilege

Why Excellence Matters.

"Fees will rise to £6,000, with an upper tier of £9,000 if universities ensure access for poorer students."

OR never made it to "Uni" for all sorts of reasons. Weakness of character, lack of application and other factors all combined to thwart a desirable path for life. Now Bliar and his ridiculous aim to dumb down schools,  facts here, yet at the same time bump up University attendance was the kind of sick joke Labour love to dump on us. The same stupidity that bust our economy and destroyed our futures. So any attempt to claw back logic gets the Lefty's mobilisation forces out on the streets. Note, however, it is an even younger crowd of juveniles than the "poll tax" lot. Why? Because any soul with half a brain cell knows University attendance is a privilege and to be earnt. The new proposals offer poorer kids greater incentives and better chances IF they are able to get off their arses, put down the booze and work. It was ever thus and will always be. Those prepared to try and to work will succeed and pay anything to get what they want. Check out how much many thousands of kids blow on booze, clothes, partying and drugs then tell me if £6k and sometimes, £9k, is too much to get a better chance at a good career and a decent income. Stop bellyaching. If you are good enough you can do it and the price well worth paying.


  1. As someone who didnt go to Uni either (joined the navy straight from school), I couldnt agree more. That was in the late 70s when only the really intelligent went. I was intelligent but it was not my thing.
    You have hit the nail on the head about Labour, and socialism in general. As Mrs Thatcher said, the trouble with socialists is that they always run out of other peoples' money. It is the same old thing, if you try to take something away after people have got used to it, there will be trouble.