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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

This Woman Is One Of Them

Taking Your Money For Self-Interest.

She's head of a very expensive Met Office climate change unit. On well over £100,000 a year to promote taxation via scaremongering rubbish. Just listen how it justifies white is black, cold is warm! Also note how quiet this junket in Cancun has gone in the MSM. Huhne luxuriating in his posh hotel smugly ignoring reality and probably sharing a Jacuzzi bath with Ms Pope! She says;
"In Britain especially, people have been persuaded that global warming is slowing down because of a run of cold winters, including blizzards this weekend. But this is just a short term trend." ICECAP NOTE:
Yes, unlikely to last more tham a few decades. Yes ignore the knee deep snow the UKMO told you in 2000  you would never see again in your lifetime. UKMO forecasts would be right on if it wasn’t for the damn Chinese.
Dr Vicky Pope, Head of Climate Change Advice, said pollution may be causing a cooling effect.
“A possible increase in aerosol emissions from Asia in the last decade may have contributed to substantially to the recent slowdown,” she said. “Aerosols cool the climate by reflecting the sunlight.”
Another factor that has reduced the rate of warming is a prolonged minimum in the solar cycle, meaning the Earth is receiving slightly less heat from the sun. Also short term weather patterns such as the tropical storms El Nino and La Nina."

Do these ridiculous people not realise that what she is witnessing are the variable instances of CLIMATE change through natural phenomena and not man made change! Her remarks about pollution are probably correct but pollution is not climate change and localised, relatively easily addressed. Our lives and our reasonable affluence of cars, central heating and food are attacked. The logging, deforestation, food processing conglomerates and commercial exploitation are unscathed issues not spoken of since they fund the myth to scare and tax us all. Not dissimilar to Banks, really. All one big rip off cartel. She really is one "them"!

To all of them this picture below says FOXTROT OSCAR!


  1. When I was at school in the 70's these same people tried to terrify us with the 'coming ice age' due to industrial pollution knocking out the suns warmth.
    While we spend £20Bn a year on Ed Millibands Climate Change Act 2008 our ancient transport infrastructure grinds to a halt after a few inches of snow and OAP's quietly die in freezing flats. Terrified to turn up the heat.
    And to think that all political parties and MSM etc believe in the global warming scam makes our future look very bleak.

  2. The story isn't entirely missing from the news - I saw reports late last night on Russia Today and France 24, but I suppose you could suggest that neither of them counts as "Main Stream Media"....

  3. micro..

    Yeah I've started watching Russia Today to get a more balanced account of what's happening ( get it on freeview ch96 in this area.)
    The Max Keiser report is excellent. Couldn't imagine that on the 'MSM'

  4. Laura Emmett is also good. She lets her interviewees answer the question without constant interruptions, unlike many others...

  5. Like Louise Gray in the Telegraph, she is following the money.

    Elsewhere I read that the enormous ash clouds from the Mt. Pinatubo circulated the globe within weeks. Yet less than a year later no evidence of ash was found (Mankinds pollution emitted into the atmosphere since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution would be I believe one days Pinatubo 'puff'). The Torrey Canyon oils spill was heralded as the worlds worst ecological disaster. Yet the beaches six years later were a clean as before the accident. The Buncefield explosion sent a plume across to the continent. Where now? During the opening years of WWII, Pemroke docks was hit and the fires and smoke from the oil storage depot burned for weeks, it was twenty times worse than Buncefield. The burning oil fields of Kuwait during the gulf war, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - that was big - not! To put it into perspective, the highest estimate of spilled oil in relation to the amount of water in the Gulf was as the entire water content of the River Thames from the Woolwich Barrier to Teddington lock at half tide, with a litre of oil being spilt into it.

    Nature has had a habit of mopping up our soiled nappy just about every time. Doesn't mean we should be messy buggers or complacent, but there are reasons why we get fed BS, and largely it's to line the pockets of the minority. And all those who propogate their lies and deceptions do so for the money. There are no grants, and no jobs for bucking the system.

  6. "Dr Vicky Pope, Head of Climate Change Advice, said pollution may be causing a cooling effect.
    “A possible increase in aerosol emissions from Asia in the last decade may have contributed to substantially to the recent slowdown,” she said. “Aerosols cool the climate by reflecting the sunlight.” "

    I suppose she thinks no-one remembers the brouhaha of a few years ago about those same aerosols being blamed for the imminent demise of mankind by making a hole in the Ozone Layer?

    [Three British scientists shocked the world when they revealed on May 16th, 1985 – 25 years ago – that aerosol chemicals, among other factors, had torn a hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole. The ozone layer, which protects life on Earth from damaging solar radiation, became an overnight sensation. And the hole in the ozone layer became the poster-child for mankind’s impact on the planet.]

  7. I thought Aerosols destroyed the ozone layer and that would cook our goose, but what do I know I am just a prol.

    I have obviously lost my mind as I just don't get these people. Anyway I am off to bed with my imaginary freind to keep warm.


  8. It seems that climate scientists have a different sort of aerosol in mind than you and I.... I can only assume the term is used for domestic cans because they produce a fine mist, rather like the particles of "Carbon" that are now cooling our planet?

    @ Derek - I remember Fausty posting a video clip from an American news network that pointed out a virtually identical oil spill in the Gulf some
    30 (I think) years ago. How the passage of time erases peoples memories!

  9. I was going to leave a comment about "aerosols" etc but people have said most of what I have intended.

    Several people high in today's global warming hierarchy were ardent global coolers in the Sixties and Seventies. One is now adviser to Barack Obama.

    There were even suggestions in the Sixties and early Seventies for what is now called "geo-engineering". The proposal was to spread soot on the arctic icecap to avoid being overwhelmed by glaciers. The CIA even produced a report in 1974 that there was a "scientific consensus" that all of Canada and most of European Russia and Northern China would be under several hundred feet of ice. Oh - and the scientists had developed reliable methods of climate forecast! I have written several anecdotal/common sense sort of papers about the history of this, if anyone is interested.

  10. Edward, post a paper and I will convert into a full post.