Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 31 December 2010

Sod It!

I Won'T Be Miserable Because Of Bilderbergers.

Christmas festivities over, the world of politics and UK misery combine to wreck optimism and pleasure, anticipation and the sheer good fortune of being alive. Well, I won't have it. In 2011 people will fall in love and  celebrate anniversaries with friends and family. Birds will sing their little hearts out as spring approaches. The sun will shine, the climate remain just that, the burst pipes mended and who knows? A long, balmy summer might just happen. If it's hot it will not be panic time, it will be as this harsh winter, an occasional happening.
As for politics, these little people with big ambitions and huge egos to fill will come and go, as ever. Remember Snotty? Bliar, Flabbot? Life will be just as ever. The slow decline of Western, American dominance will continue but life will go on. We will adapt and happiness will not be vanquished just shuffled around.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hard to imagine looking out the window - our local airport has 300mtr RVR and all the inbound flights have diverted elsewhere.

    However the days are actually getting longer now!

    All the best for 2011 to you and your good lady.

  2. Many thanks, Micro and much reciprocated!

  3. What Ho! What Ho! OR -

    Just back from a hard day's travail - someone has to earn the money to pay the taxes in order to keep the great unwashed in comfort...

    Still - the memsahib has poured a restorative with her usual amateurish hand, so I raise it in toast to you and yours OR. Here's to an interesting 2011!

  4. Thank you most warmly, Caratacus! remember 2010? My highlight was a Christmas not under the Socialist yoke.