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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Probably The best We've Got?

Pseudo EU Dave.

We have to be realistic at times. Our socialist Stutopia, born out of decades of Labour and Trades Union ignorance and bully boys has got us where we are.The EU Federal State is almost a fait accompli and it would seem there is little we can do. Davey is a product of our modern times. Power, or assumed influence, is the driving force. Why else would any politician fly in the face of what little common sense is left in a Nation of fat, obese slobs barely capable of wiping their own backsides and sitting around in their own mess.
That behaviour comes from the grip Labour have gained on the education establishment and media. As for TV, what a pathetic gruel that dishes up to be swallowed meekly by the masses watching their own misery dramatised and not seeing that the joke's on them. So, if so much has gone, surely an educated, albeit Toff, is to rule over our EU Province, is that not just a teeny weeny bit better than the gargoyles and chancers of Labour? Or would you rather have the gurning glottal stop Wallace and his Union minders making life under the Franco-German axis even more unbearable. Surely this is a case of the lesser of two evils? What else can we do? Someone has to be Provincial Governor, don't they?


  1. O/R,
    Could he not just be the Governor of an independent Britain,please.

  2. The lesser of two evils is still evil. A return to an absolute monarchy would a least be cheaper than the Westminster/EUSSR kleptocracy.

  3. I am reminded of Orwell's Animal Farm whenever I hear the argument that we should be satisfied with Cameron simply because he is not Brown. Any time the animals felt that all was not well or that the pigs were letting them down, Squealer would be sent to warn them that without their continuing blind loyalty "Jones will come back!"

    Of course the moral of that story was that the pigs were in the end indistinguishable from Jones, and the animals' lives more miserable than ever.

    Worth reflecting on.

  4. TNB, I reflect on this all the time, yet I am suggesting that the "animals" are marginally less miserable than under farmer Snot and his crowd. Heaven forbid the EU animal farm should be happy, other than the pigs, of course.