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Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Pipsqueak Pips!

Wallace And His Gromit, Delusion And Amnesia.

Amongst other things, this pillock of almighty incompetence, happened to grace us all with a Royal New year message was this gem of deluded and labourspeak.
"In his New year message Mr Miliband said..............And we will take the next steps on the journey to win people's trust that we offer a better, more optimistic future for Britain," he added."
Win peoples' trust!"
This architect of our bankruptcy, lover extrodinaire of Snotty and schemer of Trade Union puppetry has the gall to dismiss 13 years of Labour profligacy with our kids future debt and misery. Forget the robbing of pensions, mass gerrymandering immigration and failed economy. Just look long and hard at this member of the inner party elite. Only yesterday I wrote of the Cobbleition and Cameron being the lesser of two evils. Not, naturally, agreed by everyone. Yet this glottal stop of guttural, incoherent dinner party rolled up £50 note cheese course nasal blowing son of a Marxist crook and illegal immigrant, dares to preach a New Year message. Unasked, unwanted and insulting. A creep of dubious ancestry and a ghastly demonstration of the utter and pathetic characters lording it over us. Tell you what, you minging little rooster cock, you may not be around in 2012. I do hope not.

Brought to you by an Oldrightie's hatred of Westminster and Labour in particular!


  1. Agree with every word written Mr Rightie, and to add insult to injury this ghastly man happens to be my MP! Unfortunately I live in an area where: "if you put a red rossette on a monkey.............".

    I enjoy reading your blog, please keep it up.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. You forgot his biggest achievement OR. The introduction into law of the 2008 Climate Bill while Minister for the Climate scam. £20Bn a year investment in windmills and condenser boilers etc for the next 20 years to fight global warming and reduce our CO2. A coolly hot £800Bn on a total scam.

  3. Here it was ...