Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

As Ever We Are Manipulated.

With a degree of difficulty and complete lack off MSM interest, I learnt of yet another soldier's death in Afghanistan yesterday. Such waste. A further hint of the pointlessness of this campaign was the talk of sending tanks to contain The Taliban. Yup, worked a treat for the Russians. What on this very Earth does it take for politicians to learn not to be so utterly stupid and pig ignorant of history? Did we all lose our freedom when South Vietnam fell? Was that war any different in its futility, cost and losses of unimaginable proportions? We have western populations gorged on junk food, booze, drugs and utter selfishness and idleness. A collection of nations steeped in their own awfulness utterly accepting of the excrement they are slowly fed. Afghanistan is no more than a deepening bloodstain on the depths of depravity we allow our so called leaders to drag us. No anti-war protests any more. Just a whining bunch of kids who are being asked to sacrifice some Wie money to actually learn something potentially useful. If the spoilt sods of Labours' client state did as much studying as protesting hope might just spring bloody eternal. The only decent institution left is The Military, in the main. Guess whose sacrificing the most? Supposedly to protect our streets. Well if that were so how come we are still tolerating the ever increasing presence of idiots hell bent on chewing off the hand that feeds them? As Christmas day approaches, I despair that my hard won and blessed life style may not last my life let alone be available to the kids yet to be born. Change is very necessary but this Cobbleition of LibDums and Old Etonians  is a pathetic and sadly failing partnership of the inexperienced and useless with the privileged and blind. We are badly served and we need a Messiah every bit as much as was the case over two thousand years ago. Who will deliver us from this political wilderness of delusion?