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Friday, 10 December 2010

More Crap From The Media

Poverty Of Intelligence.

My few visitors are quite faithful and they are aware of my attitude to the Anthropogenic Global Warming crap. Researched and informed, with a major asset to be found here the real inconvenient truth . Three different papers for the 8th of December.
The political discourse very much how I feel about the whole of the climate debate. This is how those AGW luvvies embrace mythology and regurgitate pure excrement from the wrong orifices.
Chief representative, for me, of this circus, is Lord of The Pies and Emperor of all Hypocrisy, Prescott. Sadly few see him as the idiot and clown he is. The front man of Cameron and The EU big top that encompasses this total scam. Should you wonder who is the current ring master of this circus, step up Obama Ding Dong.
Then we have the cheap and gaudy poster boys that publish and broadcast their masters propaganda sheets and sheer lies.
Amazingly some of the poster boys are beginning to whisper "ice age". Sadly they are quite likely to be correct this time. However it's nothing new. These fluctuations have always been with us, as proven if you visit the link.
The disastrous lack of understanding of our stupid Governments, mind you, is to suck up each others vomit whilst leaving millions to fend for themselves, in what is shaping up to be the most severe and prolonged cold weather for over one hundred years. We are totally unprepared. No storage facilities and a pathetic reliance on imports. Such is the present and coming cold, ports may become ice bound and machinery fail. A state of emergency is coming, trust me. Not that that will achieve much other than, as ever, feed the PR machine and appear as if action is being taken. What do we get? Tuition fee protests and the hounding of Assange. All to protect the "establishment" that has so failed us. Well, wrapping up warm may not be enough as the fuel runs out and thousands suffer as never before except in war time. Good luck to the deserving, cold to the stupid who fail to Govern and protect.


  1. The elite politicians are not stupid, they know. So the question is why? What is their motive?

  2. They do know - none of this is down to incompetence. "What is their motive?" Self-aggrandisement, whopping pay packets and a cushion against things to come? They hope to be the lackeys and the bureaucrats of the nwo.

  3. I think the elite politicians certainly are stupid. You only have to look at Gordon Brown - not only is he possessed of the hubris of the truly stupid but he was dumb enough to forget he was miked-up when calling Gillian Duffey a bigot, and then even more stupid to forget there was a camera on him when the radio station hit him with it afterwards. A fucking idiot with more balls and aggression than brains and sense, which was how he ended up leading his party. As for Cameramong, that would have been a good election to lose but the fool's desire for power and his equally hubristic and misplaced belief in his ability to know what's the best thing for more than 60 million people got the better of him. Morons, the lot of them. Self-aggrandisement and a desire for big pay packets etc. is certainly there, but by no means does that exclude a very generous helping of incompetence and stupidity.

  4. sorry is it cold outthere?, must have missed it whilst basking in all this global warming and working the sunfactor around my sphincter for the politicos next shafting (it helps a little)

  5. There aren't many of them in Westminster with any principles. If there was an election tomorrow I would probably vote UKIP.

    I wrote to my Limp Dim MP about his thoughts on the 10:10 video that recommended blowing up kids for not agreeing to AGW. After a prompt a few weeks later I have still received no response. Twat.

  6. It will be ironic if a marginally better Government takes the rap for the dreadful failure of all our politicians. However, Cameron's lust for power may turn out a "be careful what you wish for" scenario similar to Snotty's!

  7. I have given up on politicians. The deepest winter for a long time is almost upon us, despite the Coagulation's belief in Warble Gloaming and their spendthrift attitudes in this regard.
    I have prepared my house; a roll of bubble-wrap to give temporary triple-glazing to all windows, chimney checked and found fit for purpose, both coal and wood supplies aplenty and two deep freezers filled with food (frozen bread etc) with tetra-packs of long-life milk stashed on the very full pantry.
    It's cost me but I think that it's prudent.