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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

MoD and Lies.

Symptomatic Of Our Modern World.

A story in The Times today suggests that the MoD colludes with the Defence Industry to rip of The Treasury on contracts and equipment procurement. Well, this is how our modern world operates. Whilst people starve in ever greater numbers, violence and wars straddle the Globe, those in the inner circles of power quietly enrich themselves by selling the arms, legs, eyes and deaths of British Soldiers. I really despair at the level of guilt I am expected to endure for the sh*t shovelled daily by our beloved (not) World leaders. I cannot ever remember one successful humanitarian, laudable, lasting act that any leader or nation has done in my lifetime. The real sadness are the squandered opportunities that, even as I write, the present Cobbleition are perpetrating. Anything  rather than broker the break up of The EU Federal protectionist rackets and the underworld treaties so heavily dominating our Bankers. A few years of real peace and harmony is beyond the whole mess that we, as a creature of this Planet, have allowed ourselves to become. God alone can't help us!

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