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Monday, 27 December 2010

Let Me Know If You Like It?


I have a neighbour and friend in the village whose work is shown above and was presented to Mrs OR and myself, as their Christmas card to us. Roger also penned a fabulous tribute drawing of David, who we sadly lost just a few short weeks ago and a very good friend of Roger's.
If my followers and readers enjoy I might be able to persuade him to do a regular cartoon for our delight. I have promised to approach Roger for over a year. Now is the time. I await any input to help sway his decision. Over to you!


  1. Morning OR. More snow here overnight but the temperature has risen. Seems like a thaw is imminent.

    Aye a cartoon would be grand. I enjoy them.

  2. That cartoon is good and more would be welcome.

    Still -10 C here. Met Office has been pushing back the upcoming thaw on a daily basis which is a favorite trick of theirs, was supposed to have been Boxing Day, now it's tomorrow., great find. Linked and quoted at length with h/t to you.

  3. @ banned it's Already on my bookmarks.

    Good cartoon OR. Josh has been making a name for himself at WUWT, so why not ask your friend for some more of his work?

    It's reached the dizzy heights of 5C over in the East, and the birds are having a great time in our stream!