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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Just A Few Weeks In.....


One joke pony, Cable, shows a pathetic lack of understanding as to what Government is all about. Typical socialist, smug, arrogant and stupid. The kindly ex-Corporate bean counter swans around spouting how great he is and how blessed we are to have him at the helm of business affairs. Tell you what, he's every bit as wonderful, brilliant and terrific as the authorities snowed under with their own incompetence. Quit, eh, Vince? Throw your toys out of the pram and sod the rest of us is your preferred option if you don't get that ice lolly. Well, go on then, FCUK off, we really won't notice. Oh and by the way, I don't appreciate your moonlighting as a hoofer on the TV. I pay your bloody salary and I don't appreciate you cavorting around as some sort of aged celeb.


  1. Didn't I read somewhere he was giving his earnings from Strictly to a charity?

    Maybe not...

  2. OR - something vexes thee my Liege...not cuddly old Vince, surely??

    Must agree though. Back when the Coalition first coagulated I seem to recall thinking that our Vince was not totally overwhelmed with beatitude. Face like a sheep with a secret sorrow; jam definitely swiped from his doughnut; lost a quid and found a tanner sort of look. And I thought then that here was the weak link of this particular chain.

    Well now the flush is about to be pulled and I am smiling! Couldn't happen to a nicer crowd.

  3. Give him his due, he's managed to talk up one decent quip in the House of Conmen into very well paid a Cabinet post. Nice work if you can get it.

  4. When I posted this morning I had visions of years of this moron blessing us with his beatitude!(lovely word, C.) Seems my one shot might be the last.
    Subrosa, regardless of his fee, it's still demeaning of his position. Caratacus, today is a non-booze day for me, however......John R, exactly. Sort of cheapens our political class though.

  5. Evening, all. Been busy.

    Just my two penn'orth.

    Spot on, OR.

    Widdecombe did it, Cable's going to do it, Boris did it. Lemsip Optic does it all the time.

    Demeaning their position, I mean.

    Regardless of whether or not they donate their "earnings" to charidee, a politician who puts themselves on the box for any reason other than to politic demeans themselves and their position and loses some, if not all, dignity.

    That they do so shows just how desperate they are to keep themselves in the public eye, as wannabe celebrities.

    There's something Kafkaesque about it, Clockwork Orange, evil........

  6. If he were a Conservative, Cameron would have sacked him without even thinking about it.

  7. Just realized my comment had a double meaning -

    If Cable were a Conservative - or -
    If Cameron were one.