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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It's Still Very Cold!

No It Isn't. Warmest Year On Record.

More expert and better analysis than mine is found here. I just need a rant. This IPCC, UN funded, (that's our borrowed money) jobs for the boys organisation, revels in the same corruption and self-interest as that other international body, FIFA. Regardless of their obvious excrement stained, piddle soaked drivel and lies, spat venomously at us mere proles, ever more sheepishly succumbing to the Orwellian nightmare, the Climate Inner Party strive towards their goal of total dominance. This whole industry of climate change is little more than an instrument beloved of the NWO. A society brilliantly captured and foreboding by Orwell. “The past was
erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”  Just one chilling (pun intended) quote of so many from 1984. A quote describing, as in Richard's blog linked above, that the Northern winter of 2010 is caused by climate change when it is a variable experienced over hundreds of years. The Obama, Cameron, Gore, Milibands, Putins and so forth are the sly, cunning O'Brians of Orwell's novel. Creepy, stealthy and evil. Steeped in their own ambitious nastiness and hell bent on creating a "world divided into three countries that include the entire globe: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia". How scary was the prescience of Orwell as that global dream, trumpeted by Snotty a few months ago, of a NWO, was maintained for the benefit of the "inner party" of politicos, bankers, corporate spivs and which now garners gangsters to it's betrayal of decency and honour, freedom and hope. As the Christmas festival gets evermore diminished by the control of consumer slavery and the ever growing dominance of debt created handcuffs, it becomes more and more depressing. Where's the anger, the spirit, the passion for a better, freer society? Where is the need to destroy the "Eurasian" nightmare that is The EU, soon to embrace Turkey and ever further spread its grip on us all. Socialism is now the norm. Cameron knows that and continues down the very same road as all the "inner party" apparatchiks, all jockeying to be Big Brother and supreme ruler of the whole world. That mental, deranged ambition is in these peoples' DNA. Sadly we or at least our grandchildren will be left a legacy we have failed to prevent. Something surely must give? Unfortunately 2011 may be the very last year to do anything. Maybe it was ever thus since Heath in 1973 kicked off the NWO EU target.
Well, regardless of that "off chest" little rave, have a lovely 2011 and keep blogging until maybe somebody wakes up!


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  2. Why, oh why do we allow this to go unchecked? Thanks for the link, Subrosa.

  3. Please keep blogging, OR.

    Your rants and comments are rather like the the slaps that a friendly stranger gives to a South London stab victim, in order to prevent him slipping away to eternity.

    Lord knows, we need those slaps - badly.