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Saturday, 11 December 2010

I Did Say!

Just A Few days Ago.

Normally I react to events on a daily basis and rarely re-visit my scribbles but this as before I could not resist checking. It might well have been written about Thursday, with one exception. As I listened to the aftermath, recriminations and excuses, I was taken with the gulf, we Bloggers have railed about, between the Establishment and New World Orders' failure to realise they've been rumbled and the subtle change in the words of some protesters. The iconic picture of Serial Adulterer and privileged Snobbo's face when staring at reality was just poetic, in a Dante's Inferno sort of way. I heard a "yoof" say that we have all been let down by the political elite. Another, with some justification, complained of the tactics used by the police. I would argue these actions were introduced by Snotty to protect his deluded ego, at the G20 protests. A terrible incident of an innocent unlawfully killed that day.
That argument highlights the cosy relationships so beloved of the elite. An elite consisting of a corrupt and pathetic Parliament, unelected EU politicians, The Global Corporate Gangsters and their underworld affiliations and the third world Despots, Eastern Oligarchs and the common denominator, bankers. Head of them all The Rothschilds.
As I have said before, their grip on our lives is total but now threatened by this economic wretchedness they all brought about. That violence and disorder is the only weapon left is heartbreaking but their fault. If this spreads, allied to the Internet's power and Wikileaks style exposures of our Bilderbergers pathetic arrogance, we will all benefit. Benefit by placing fear back on those who have so dumped us all with unnecessary dread, for their own selfish ends. Threat of Nuclear destruction replaced with AGW climate bollocks for example. As again heard today, they wring their hands over the violence seen yesterday but happily take us to war without any real honesty, openness or by your leave. Spend our money and taxes with a carelessness only their own self-satisfied wealth at our expense can generate. Blogging does work, it seems to me and slowly is making a difference. Party politics is dead. We want something else more satisfying to the majority and once went by the name of democracy. Barely a handful of our representatives have a clue except it's deep down not what THEY want. Drop the silly idea on tuition fees being the issue. It's far deeper than that and should transcend political ideology. We just want very big changes. Metaphorically "Off with their heads"!



  1. Pandoras box opened? I hope it is so OR, the deep unrest evident in the populace will boil over, hopefully to scald the PTB beyond recognition. They are falling apart at the seams now, we the bloggers must ensure that they cannot stitch themselves back together enough to survive!

  2. Excellent, Nomine. Couldn't agree more.

  3. Yeah. What you said!

    I agree that there appears to be a general stirring within the populace of this Sceptr'd Isle. Disbelief is growing. Bullshit is being recognised and rejected.
    It has taken long but the anger of the Anglo-Saxon once aroused is a terrible thing to behold.