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Friday, 3 December 2010

How Many Lives Lost

To Prop Up These American Sleaze Bags?

"Britain's four-year military stewardship of the troubled Helmand province has been scorned by President Hamid Karzai, top Afghan officials and the US commander of Nato troops, according to secret US diplomatic cables." what we have all been saying for years.

It all began with a Labour Prime Minister out for glory and his gormless Gordon successor trying to outdo his hated nemesis. It will end with their chinless successor crawling away dragging our collective tails between our legs. Note that stock politician phrase "listening to the people". Well, when it comes to "Emperor's clothes" parades of vanity we count for nought. I have said for over two years on this blog and personally from day one we were wrong. Bush had Bliar in his pocket, probably over Dunblane, Cameron perpetuates the lie that we need to be there. A lie made so much worse by the Wikileaks papers today. Are we surprised that since we had no money to equip our troops properly we had little to bribe Karzai or his American Corporate, CIA backed gold diggers. 
The other multi-billion dollar enterprise of deceit, corruption and greed is that of AGW. As the Northern hemisphere reels from the savage cold of 2010, the clowns gather their junketing big top circus in Cancun hell bent on stuffing the ignorant such as Prezza with pies, tongues and our borrowed future earnings and cash. it will end in tears, just as will the Afghan pointless sacrifice. Would the good Lord rid us of such people! Certainly a name is given to this condition here and hat tip here. I suppose it's a small comfort that they are indeed sick and deranged.


  1. Don't forget that "Dr" John Reid told us that the troops sent to Helmand would most likely achieve their mission "without firing a Shot". I believe that his doctorate was some sort of Marxist analysis of British colonialism. It must have missed out Afghanistan.

    His predecessor, Hoon, deliberately delayed ordering body armour with sufficient lead time so that it would not be obvious to the shop stewards (who would tell the left wing back benchers) that war had been decided on before Parliament got to vote.

    So men had to get killed to save the Blair government a few impassioned attacks in the Commons and on the word of a self-certified ignoramus.

    These people are beneath contempt.

  2. Thank you both. Edward, so apt an anecdote of labours' regime.