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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fail x Two

How We Got Here!

Not just me but hundreds or even thousands of Bloggers rail about political failure. Let us, however, never, never forget that despite a huge boom and unimaginable tax receipts from our work and effort, the last Government ruined our economy. All of the bluster about their achievements, pensioners were robbed and made destitute, education has slipped into third world status, our health service is on its knees and the demand for our tiny remnants of wealth are oversubscribed to the tune of 30 million more people than 50 years earlier. Madness but I would rather have most of those wrestling with our destitution in place than any one of the hypocritical hasbeens represented by what pretended to be a Government under a delusional and unelected maniac. Is it perhaps time to give time a chance before judgement is made?


  1. Doesn't seem to be one student in the land that is aware of any of that, OR. Where were the little shits when fees were first introduced?

  2. OR – I hear what you say and recognise the honourable intent behind your words but...but...

    Winston Smith sat at the refectory table and surveyed the unappetising repast before him. Resting on the soulless Formica table-top was a bowl of thin gruel, a watery colourless slop upon which there floated a film of rainbow blessed oil, the only hint of colour in an otherwise depressing example of the cuisine now imposed on all. He cast a ruminative eye along the crowded rows of workers and sensed their numb despair as they too considered their meal.

    He reflected sadly on the promises of improvement pledged by the new canteen management; easy promises to make given the dire straits to which the previous administration had allowed the canteen to fall. Winston essayed a first tentative sip, an exploratory upper lip hesitating above the spoon. The lukewarm stew did not surprise.

    As his gaze moved away from the grim lunch, Winston saw the double doors to the kitchen swing open as one of the operatives carried another tureen of unpleasantness to the serving area. He smiled mirthlessly as he caught a glimpse of the rows of vegetables and spices stacked neatly – and redundantly – to one side. The new administration had announced that these ingredients could not possibly be used as they had to use recipes agreed by the Council of Eurasia. This was to the common good, of course, as it had been scientifically proven that the consumption of these unfamiliar substances caused light-headedness and delusions of freedom – and this would never do....

    We are being fed slops by the new lot, same as the old lot. There is scant comfort to be had there it seems to me. But then I am notoriously difficult to please ... as the memsahib reminds me. Frequently.

  3. Sadly, OR. I think Cameron's shown his colours - nothing he has done since becoming PM has convinced me that he is a Conservative. He's just another lickspittle in the mould of Blair or Heath.

  4. I fully agree Cameron is a shit. My only argument he is marginally less than the previous lot!