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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Ears Removed At Birth

So They Don't need To Listen.

As unrest stirs the powers that be will be having regular bottled water, posh biscuits and self aggrandisement meetings. Before them the latest agenda set from on high on how to suppress dissent and "control" violence. Snotty got his bum lickers to embrace kettling. So good is this method of imprisonment or as they will expound "containment", it permits the use of dogs, horses, batons and brutality. Guess what? It provokes and stirs rebellion and violence. It forces, without any consideration for "health and safety" or hygiene and welfare, hundreds if not thousands into temporary concentration camps. For that is what they are. Now the bloody inconsiderate protesters don't like it at all. Thus the sporadic and nasty aggression by the forces of political diktat need ever more powerful weapons. OK, we are a long way off tanks in Parliament square but proudly announced, by some grand arse licker and political mate of the ear deprived Government, is the use of water cannon. However that violent response will just provoke even more and a tipping point will arise where any sympathy for Government and the law will seep away with the water from those weapons. I've said it over and over again, those in power don't give a sod for decency any more. If they did we would have budget reduction sourced from leaving Afghanistan and possibly The EU joke state. We would embrace the "we're all in this together" genuinely. No fat salaries for public servants, reduce massively the cost of Parliament. We would up our food production, manufacturing and growth from our own land. We would tear down the monolithic corporate culture and replace it with localism and fair trade. Some chance. Get your wet suits our, gang!


  1. Great post, Oldie!

  2. Nice choir, but still prefer this one:

  3. Certainly is Anon!

    Don't like water cannon, nasty things. It's not just a matter of sprinkling a drop or two of the cold stuff over the unwashed; how about: ripped skin, perforated ear-drums, blinded people, ruptured spleens, broken bones for those more stricken in years. I'll wager that the met can't wait to have a go.

    The silly buggers forget so quickly. When the troubles began in N.I. the provos had a bloody good hiding - to start with... then they wised up pretty rapidly and began to give our lads some back. It just escalates and escalates until everyone's getting the good news. Makes one want to weep, it really does.

  4. The consideration of the use of water cannons is predicated upon the fallacious supposition that there are no RPG7s in the UK other than in official hands.
    Ask the Marines what they had to face in NI.

  5. Flash choir's lead soprano something else, Derek! Caratacus, selsey.steve, it is just as you say!