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Monday, 6 December 2010

A Deliberate Insult

That Will Reverberate For Ever.

he's changed  Is it because he  smelt the money

It would appear he's not only turning his back on his lovely wife but on his principles and our history. He will probably attend the opening of the "Europe House" refurbishment of the old Tory HQ tonight, in a public display of his new EU credentials. However this building, which will be the forerunner of many more EU edifices such as EU police stations and army barracks throughout these Islands, pales into insignificance when measured against their Luxembourg palace. The cost of all this profligacy is ironic. Our taxes and money diverted to support our subjugation and eventual subservience to our new masters. I guess Hague, like all our rotten crowd in Westminster, regard personal wealth as very much more important than our survival as a Nation. The stench is expensive and unpleasant. Now these costs would pay towards tuition fess but note no demonstrations against this expense, are there?


  1. I thought he turned his back to his driver?

  2. You might say that, Conan, I couldn't possibly comment!

  3. A real shame that - out of all of them I had a bit of time for Hague. Then I saw his "Happy Ramadan" message and became a bit pensive. Now this...

    "a politician is an arse upon
    which everyone has sat except a man" e.e.cummings

  4. I was the same, Caratacus and now appalled at his approach to being in Government.