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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cheer Amongst The Cold, Maybe?

Another reason To Be Married.

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Mrs OR braved the minus 8 degrees centigrade this morning to take a few pics whilst I remained in the warm spot she had left behind! Just one reason for being married. Here is another with which I profoundly agree. I also humbly add to it by remarking that I know I am a better fellow for being married than were I not! proof positive?

This argument poses as many questions as it answers, of course. Plenty of married men are sh**s. Not least those AGW idiots who put every natural climate event down to human kind. As Britain reels from an Arctic winter blast supposedly never going to happen ever again, those married guys in The UK Met Office prove the exception, do they not? Perhaps they should listen to their wives, Mr Cameron?


  1. Indeed there are. When the weather turned really nasty I was able to rely on the Lady to go to the off license.

  2. Yes indeed OR.

    Over the weekend I told the lady behind the checkout that, despite my advanced years, I had no need of the proffered help with packing because - I had been TRAINED by the lady memsahib and had scored quite highly in the arduous test which followed.

    I added that I had realised long ago that ladies were the true masters of the universe and that my life had been markedly more peaceful following my acceptance of the fact. She was initially sceptical, but melted in the presence of my Terry-Thomas like chivalry. Upon my return I related the above to SWMBO and she snorted and said I was an old goat.

    I stand before you a chastened man, OR.

  3. Gentlemen, you do no more or no less than prove my point!