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Friday, 17 December 2010

Blogosphere Change

To Boringly Predictable!

We live in different times post the May election and much on the surface appears different. Blogging is one of many examples and is shown by the rise in leftie rubbish doing the rounds. Not content with supporting the most capitalist shower of shi*e in living memory that was Bliar and Snotty "deluded and deranged" Brown the blog world is to suffer the most yawn inducing rubbish ever. What is it about the left that is so predictably boring? Is it a dominance of their inferiority complexes and envy sickness? They had 13 years in power and screwed us all, mainly their own base and core voters. Ask Mrs Duffy. They have as much competence and understanding of finance and the nation's welfare, as a whole, as a child that  eats its own excrement.
This same biased, non debatable stupidity is now transferred to blogging in opposition. The usual airbrushing of the last series of failed socialist, debt creating ignorant governance is now polluting the cyberspace arena. I've yet to discover one interesting, sensible, logical site that has any real and targeted anger. Their only passion is for a New World Order of socialist oppression of all that is free and intelligent. Very tiresome people, too dull to be even funny.


  1. I tend not to read the 'left-wing' blogs, OR, simply because they're blinded by ideology and have no ears to hear a different viewpoint. They also can't grasp that the left/right wing dichotomy is old hat and the ground has shifted, particularly since this coalition came to be. If they open their minds as wide as they open their mouths they'd see that many 'right-wingers' have similar concerns (eg war, arms dealers, poverty, lack of democracy).

  2. It's boring because they still stick to the doctrine of 'Tell a big enough lie often enough'.

    The world is changing, the left are becoming the new Nazis and the old right are now the Libertarians and the rest are just the sheep of the establishment; clueless.

  3. Thank you both for perfect and better stated comments on how I feel.

  4. With you on this one troops; five minutes spent reading one of these sites is five minutes less of my all too short and merry career on this planet!

    My son takes me to task sometimes when I start growling about lefties. He points out, quite reasonably, that they DO have a use in that (rendered down) they could provide some degree of adequate roadside lighting.

    I look at him now, six foot three of bone and muscle, schooled in such useful fields of human endeavour as archery, karate, fencing, climbing, and the ability to lead a bloody good sing-song and I wonder whether I was altogether wise in my insistence that he learn these things rather than cookery, politics and other tarradiddle...

    Time will tell!

  5. Caratacus, the bairn sounds like a good bouncer for my place!