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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Absolutely No Shame.

Labour Cash In Led From The Top.

Snotty is trundled out amongst the Christmas tarts bazaar of records, books, dangerous toys, and an advertising blitz of consumer crap, far worse than any snow or ice threat. In a world shaken by greedy collapse and financial hardship the hard sell drives relentlessly on. Out of all this moronic display of selfish crap rises this failed, flawed, useless and so very damaging creature, Brown. His delusional writing firmly establishing his credentials for the loony bin. Dysfunctional, pater trodden and pathetic man is about to be repackaged as a grandee, a statesman and financial wizard who, by his own admission, was duped and fooled by his erstwhile and knighted mate, Goodwin. How these sons and daughters of the satanic world of Bilderbergers and politics, gangsters and charlatans look after their own. yet if you dare to challenge, as has Julian Assange, death will haunt you and shame be visited by the most shameful. The real Snotty was found during the election last May. Here is a reminder. Hateful standard bearer for the madness, evil and delusion that corruption spews forth from such people. Men and women who wear shame as a brooch of honour when amongst their own kind but the public face and mask just occasionally slips.

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