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Thursday, 18 November 2010

White People Doomed?

They Are In The UK.

It's not about colour but attitudes and behaviour. Our poverty ridden cities follow the path of all overcrowded places on earth. The only blessed relief is via sex, booze and drugs. It becomes a viscious circle that is ignored by all those able to escape and look down with a benificient  superiority as the desperate rummage through the rubbish heaps and open sewers. As a genetic strain is watered down so are all the advantages evolved through the hardships of Northern climates and the ability to overcome them. We grieve at the loss of other species but that of our own hisoric excellence we seem more than happy to water down. In those climes where pallid skins are at risk, fine. In those climes where cold and freezing conditions do not favour exotic genes, danger lies. Still, the whole human race is just as much at risk, as are the white populations of the world, through overcrowding, disease and starvation. So a dominated tiny patch of the Earth, by whatever race, colour or creed must enjoy that majority position, it won't last long.


  1. I agree with this post with one exception, that being the myth of over-population. Most people are to be found in cities, and in any case only 50% of the earth is arable land, the rest is largely uninhabited wilderness. The problems of overcrowding are economic; rich people in cities have space aplenty. Looking into an ant's nest doesn't mean your garden is full of ants, and in any case an ant city, being well-designed, is spacious.

  2. I'm confused OR - that's my shed ... but how on earth did you get a photo of it, and who is that young lady in the foreground?

  3. Don't make any plans for after 22/12.2012

  4. Arm yourselves while you still can!