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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Rare Earth.

The Curse of WesternPolitical Incompetence.

"China, which currently produces about 97 percent of the world's supply, began cornering that market a decade ago, when low prices made mining for these minerals unappealing financially for Western companies."

Do visit this article for a complete snapshot of our NWO's short termism and financial stupidity.  NWO failure
It is ironic that the manner this was allowed to happen, under the noses of our so called leaders in politics and commerce, involves "rare earth". As rare as Snotty's favourite steed's excrement! If they can get this so wrong, bet our kids' future, in the West, on short term debt, how can we expect the pillocks to get anything right. No wonder we have such a financial catastrophe on our hands. Chinese political bosses are no saints and run a dreadful regime. However, by goodness, they do it well, whilst making our clods look like robotic morons, designed in China and not safe for childrens' toys!


  1. This has been discussed on WUWT. Many comments pointed out that America has large reserves of Rare Earth materials, but most of the mines have been closed down for environmental reasons.

    Obviously China doesn't give a flying f**k about this aspect, so that's why they are the major producer at the moment. If (when?) the shit really hits the fan, the US will have to start opening their mines again.