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Monday, 1 November 2010

More Lies And Spin?

Here We Go Again.

"British troops could serve under French commanders as part of a far-reaching defence agreement to be hammered out this week with President Sarkozy."

De Gaulle epitomised the French attitude to The British during and post the second world war. One might summarise that as "what is your is ours". Very similar to the EU of today. This latest load of elitist promoted and very stupid activity is all part of the drive to a Federal Defence Force. Of course the Country with the most dosh will preside over it. Step forward Germany. In exchange for the historic French subservience to all things Germanic,  the only difference between 1940 and the Paris of today is the method of gaining power and dominance. Now I have no axe to grind with either Country other than I don't want their legal systems or social and pervasive cultures in my life. Any time I wanted that I could visit. Sadly Nationhood is to become just another bland, zombie populated supermarket of boredom, where history, culture and sacrifice are all swept away to be replaced by the brightly lit corridors of a Bilderberger Utopia.

That will not include Eloys!

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  1. For the last two hundred years, France has refused to accept its diminished status as a country whose greatest general was a foreigner, whose bravest warrior was a teenage girl, and whose last military success surprised them on the plains of Wagram. Two hundred and one years ago.

    Germans, of course, are reknowned for their delicacy in dealing with foreigners, especially races they consider to be inferior to themselves. For this, and several other dark reasons, Germany is known as 'the land where Israelis learned their manners'.

    And they are to have a hand in how we defend our shores are they? Well, yes it would seem they are because of the quislings who, in an obscene but inevitable unfolding of fate, find themselves holding the levers of government.

    Please God may there be a number of loyal and patriotic senior officers in Her Majesty's Armed Forces who have the courage to take what increasingly seems to be the necessary steps to save this country from itself. And its corrupted bureaucracies.