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Monday, 15 November 2010

The Mighty Of Europe?

Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Rulers.

"The new European Commissioners to take office in 2010 have been announced. Fifteen of the 27 are back for a second or third term, and all take on new policy responsibilities with the exception of President Barroso. The new Commission will stay in office until 31 October 2014."  roll of dishonour

The talking shop that is Westminster and their acolytes across the corridor in The Lords, will retain their privileged and undeserved sinecures, at our expense, for years and years to come. Even as they line their pockets, lie to advantage and live as Kings, their EU puppet masters will get ever stronger. The Palace of Westminster will continue to grow into its new role as the most exclusive and debauched fa├žade of Government even as Number 10 Downing Street opens its doors to bingo and advertising empires. Sleep now, my friends, come the EU, in all its glory, rest will be at a premium, starvation a blessing.


  1. OR, every time the EC opens its collectivist mouth I'm torn between despondency and hope. Despondent because the noose is tightening but hopeful that more people will finally come to realise what's going on. Anti-EU pressure groups seem too fragmented at the moment - they need to consolidate to have greater effect.

  2. Greed and servility seem vital ingredients in the recipe for political success.

  3. Thank you both. GV, Ireland is staring down the barrel of loss of sovereignty as did Greece. The EU trick is to buy them without the slaves realising they have been bought. Where will the IRA stand when it is the EU Federal State that rules the roost? Blackierook, only towards their central Peers in Brussels.

  4. What worries me is who their Janissaries are going to be.

  5. Come on, Demetrius, they are already in training!