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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Listen, Government?

Your 'Avin A Larf!

My last poll asked if London was now a third world backwater. 67% said yes and 43% that it's getting there. Next Septic EU Dave tells us we need to maintain our place in the world. Dear God have they so little idea what is staring them in the face? Years of political failure, compounded these last few month exponentially, have made us a laughing stock. We have presided over a financial Armageddon, entered illegal wars, cuddled up to despots and drug barons and watched the NWO scythe their way through every nation on earth. If this is how we should behave to retain our "place", Davey boy, you are welcome to that tainted seat. Don't tell me it's what I want when it's your ego and hubris, arrogance and ignorance of reality, that wants it. Globalisation is as much about free trade as the euphemistically labelled common market. The whole edifice is designed to suppress nations and individuals and bend the will of people to a grotesque order of your desire. Just look at the alacrity of the Liberal elite and Clegg to jump on board when the goodies were offered. Principle, rubbish when fame and fortune beckons. Hateful NWO.


  1. I couldnt agree more. What a disaster Cameron is. A complete europhile along with all the conservative elite. If there was an election tomorrow I would vote UKIP. Yes I know they wouldnt win, but I am so fed up with the Tory Party. I hope that Farage can get UKIPs act together before the next election to at least get a few MPs.

  2. CH, I'm struggling with a bug and very lax. 147 votes cast, only three disagreed. So I suppose we are looking at 2%, ergo, 98% of those voting think London is a shit hole. I doubt the Government or Bonker(s)Boris give a toss.