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Monday, 29 November 2010

Just Another Day?

Away From The Cities.

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We live in the middle of here. I had to leave home earliest this morning to shod the old Rover Tourer. Minus two degrees, dry and crisp. I left the A49 at Craven Arms towards the west and the hills. The old garage  tasked with fitting my Internet purchase was magical. An old forge and for many years an evolved garage. There were petrol pumps there so old as to be unrecognisable. 125p a litre was a drawback to the quaintness, though. I left the jalopy, requiring no paper ID just a rum aside "Ye be the only Rover I'll be shoeing today" and set off into the hills for a long walk. Blue sky frequently but briefly curtained by mist and hill fog, which crept in and out of the still plentiful coloured foliage of the high forest and surrounding woodland. It was relatively quiet and very magical. The odd tractor bumbled past with a cheery wave as I stepped aside to guarantee a safe acquaintance. Birds flashed around, sheep gazed as I passed their fences. A look of contented warmth and gratitude in their faces for the excellent coats they were wearing against the impressive cold. I was still in my thoughts. Wikileaks far from my head but still an interesting anticipation as to how well they might be suppressed. A feeling of superiority over the Bilderbergers whose understanding of value added living extends only to power, tax, money and corruption. The wealth of pure joy this mornings stroll, new hellos and sheer life as it should be was exhilarating. I left my "shoe smith" with a pint of beer and a thank you. I hope I manage to share this warm glow with others far away.



  1. Lovely, refreshing post, OR.

    You are blessed to live amidst such beautiful surroundings. It looks superb, especially so now that the snow has crowned the hill. God's country, indeed.

    But enough of that. Did you see old Farage giving Rumpy-Pumpy what-for the other day?

  2. Thank you most kindly, KILLEM and yes, Farage is becoming my hero! I may well sign up to his party ere long!

  3. I hope the government was kind enough to ban smoking out in those distant hills, so as to keep you and anyone within a few miles distance in safety and health.

  4. What an absolutely lovely day. We're a foot or so deep in snow here... so it made your day seem even nicer, and more cheering.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Note the winter fuel allowance deferred! Cash flow? Thank you for your kind comments, all. As for smoking, lots of wood smoke, Anon!

  6. Salop in particular and the Marches in general are the UK's best kept secret. Don't go telling too many about how good they are - the bl**dy politicians will be wanting to tax us for visiting (or even passing through!)

  7. Plantman, remember Lord of The Pies Prescott's plan to tax our gardens and views? I think it is still on the agenda!