Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I Have A Dream!

Just Maybe......................

This woman might blow a gaping hole in the NWO. Sadly she would probably get bought off, just like Obama, Cameron, Bliar et al. Still, as yet, there's no law against dreaming!  I'm not alone!


  1. Is that what they call a "Blow Job"?

  2. Do you truly believe that Sarah Palin isn't part of the system? Haven't you realised yet that all political leaders are chosen well in advance, long before the public hears of them?
    Sarah Palin is a shill of the NWO, a safety net. They have their safety nets in all political movements so if the republicans lose then it's ok as they've got the democrats as well.

    This is the reality with politics. THERE IS NO POLITICAL DICHOTOMY. IT DOESN'T EXIST. We are told it does because the very people who tell us not forgetting the media who promote them are all also controlled.

    The only way to destroy the NWO is to destroy their system, a system that's protected by the people.

    Currently the NWO controls banking, politics, education and the MSM. Having only one of those is a huge threat to freedom and liberty. Controlling all is hell on earth.
    Forget the media. Forget what it tells you of the 'next big star and hopeful' in politics. They don't exist. They're nothing but more propaganda to feed to the people as they promote the faux - 'everything's ok and will get better' dogma, to an ever increasing gullible and more ignorant public.

  3. Shes antiabortion, pro creationism being taught in schools and about as clever as George W. She has some good points, but she is not a good candidate for president.

    Surely they have some people of calibre somewhere in America to do the job?

  4. H - Agree with much of what you say but (you just knew there was going to be a 'but'!) is it possible that someone - perhaps Palin - could get themselves into a position of considerable influence, agreeing with the NWO shitbags on the way, and then once ensconced, start kicking the cuckoos out of the nest?

    Or am I clutching at straws?

  5. Keep clutching at them straws Caratacus, I would prefer to be blown into orbit by a pretty face than the ugly evil males who are in charge at least I could think as I went," did the earth move for you too sweetcheeks!

  6. Politicians are the tools of NWO. If the tool bites back, it gets eliminated.

  7. Thank you all. Harbinger, The NWO is every bit as vulnerable as any world dominating empire ever was. Cracks appear from unlikely sources. China, India, South America could all refuse to sign up.

  8. I think the best people to channel your faith and hope into are you and yours, OR.

    Palin is mocked in the press on her lifestyle and on her lack of general knowledge. But really, she's approved of. The mockery is all just theatre.

    Palin's ideology is one of only two political ideologies that have been allowed to prevail for the last century - Marxism and Neo-conservatism (of which she is). They both advocate intervention/wars/"spreading democracy" so they can be interchanged every so often which keeps up the illusion of differences between the parties.

    And as I'm sure anyone running for president down the years will have been aware of, presidents who didn't do as they were told generally ended up being assassinated. As I suspect Derek commenting above was alluding to.

    This is one battle we're just going to have to win ourselves!