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Sunday, 28 November 2010

How To Lose Big Money.

Become A Politician And Get Things Badly Wrong.

It is reported that temperatures plummeted to the coldest on record for November in parts of the UK overnight. So if global warming is man made and we spend trillions of tax payers money on the "problem", how much are we going to have to spend to combat a new ice age caused by the stupidity of nature? Or is it the movers and shakers, not nature, that are stupid? Answers on reams of foolscap welcome!

Interesting Arctic ice/snow comparisons below from 1979 and present. (25th of November)


  1. Its just politicians excuse to have freebie 'Conferences' in exotic holiday destinations such as Cancun or the Maldives.

    Why don't they have them in say Bradford or Chernobyl?

  2. At last June's Bilderberg meeting 'global cooling' was on the agenda :

    Global Cooling and the New World Order

  3. JP, Bradford's too multi-cultural and Chernobyl really is AGW!
    Anon, thanks for the link.

  4. "Become A Politician And Get Things Badly Wrong."

    Oh I don't know, I wouldn't mind making a tit of myself in the snow....

  5. Those poor young men are going to freeze to death if they're not careful... (h/t Eric Morecombe).

  6. These politicians remind me of the arrogance of King Canute.Whatever money is stolen off the plebs,do they really think they can change the worlds climate?