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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

How They Operate.

When Black Really Is White.

Here is a marvellous example of how MPs think and operate. When claiming for a main home, different rules apply! A parking permit claim was said to be for his wife, then we learn he has two parking permits on his main home that is only his main home for parking and children's' school. (Do we pay for both? Do we pay his council tax on both? Does he get second home council tax rebate on either of them? Herefordshire Council need to determine if he claims a rebate on their Ledbury, "weekend" by his own admission pad. Does he claim motor mileage to and from his "second home? By the way, some terrific schools in Herefordshire but no Sloane rangers to speak of!). They all really live in Herefordshire for what purpose? Obviously to maximise his income and expenses from the teat of the everlasting, ever screwed tax payer. The other element that comes over is the patronising and arrogant forced bonhomie. Yup, it seems you can fool all of the people all of the time. Well, except Jim Miller! To think, we were promised a new, more open, decent and honest politics. That lasted all of one day before the goodies were dished out to friends, school chums and favourite photo snappers. That latter gaffe was reversed, shouldn't this miserable appointment be at least scrutinised? Herefordshire and the UK deserve better than this, don't they? If anyone in private industry got up to these shenanigans they would never get a job anywhere. Well maybe as an MP, it seems. 


  1. Ledbury has a very pleasant railway station with a service to London Paddington. He does not need to drive.

  2. Fuck knows, maybe he has a chauffeur on expenses too?

  3. He might well do. Anon. Demetrius, overcrowded trains, even first class, are for tradespeople!

  4. There are not many MPs from any party that I have any respect for. I was a confirmed Tory. Now I wouldnt know who to vote for because they really are all the same in different colours.
    They really do live in a parallel universe to us proles.