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Friday, 19 November 2010

How Much?

£88,000 Bloody Quid In Around Six Months!

Never mind rioting over tuition fees and attempted but pathetically weak efforts to claw back the profligacy of Labours' grotesque regime, just look at this smug sod. At the same time as MPs connive to keep even more secret their theft of yours and my tax, this career twerp trousers £88,000 quid for his Mrs. Why do we meekly put up with what becomes ever more blatant theft? I cannot for the life of me follow how these useless, inexperienced, political chancers get away with it. I guess his time in Brussels as an arse licker sure taught him how to rob, steal and rape the stupid public. Of course there are thousands of them. Hazel Dwarf , gurning uselessly for her £5000 debut with wiggy- plugged Neil, gets that little bit of pocket money from the licence payer. Her predecessor, Flabbot must have got, over the years, half a million quid plus. Pure bunce to perk up the expenses fiddles. It's easy to realise where all the money has gone. Bankers and Wankers (politicians) incorporated.

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  1. Nothing but nothing seems to stir people's anger. Must be something they put in the water.