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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How Much More Warning Do People Need?

Who Else Speaks For US!

Hat tip to a rare truth but when oh when, what, oh what will wake people up? Students protesting again and again tilting at windmills. The real baddies are here, aided and abetted by our own Political establishment. It will, inevitably, end in violence because the barstewards are all deafened by their own wind.


  1. No one laughing at Farage that time! Solemn faces indeed.

    Whilst this may be two years old, it's well in date still, and just as pertinent: 'The Final Solution'
    Three parts, totalling 25mins.

    To update the banking situation:

    Of course you could research this yourselves, but knowledge needs spreading far and wide by any means.

    Take care.

  2. Enjoyed that Oi did!

    Row upon row of faces looking like smacked arses, even Rumpy looked serious this time. Shifty bastard.

    Thanks for finding that one OR - cheered me up no end.

  3. Wonderful speech from Farage. Thanks, OR. We euro-realists have had a good day thanks to him and Godfrey Bloom.

  4. I like the EU realists label. Reminds me of the 30s and how out of step the majority were then!